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International panel session on Criminology and Penology

Wednesday, September 16th, 2015

[ENG] On Friday, September 11, the Law School of the University of A Coruna hosted an international panel session on criminological and penological issues, organised by ECRIM.


From left to right: Raffaella Pallamolla, Kerry Carrington, Daniel Achutti

The panel session began with a lecture given by Kerry Carrington (Queensland University of Technology, Australia) on ‘Southern Criminology‘. The award-winning Australian scholar presented her work on the reframing of criminological thought in line with what has been named ‘Southern Theory’, which enables the development of Southern perspectives on criminological issues.


Daniel Achutti

Afterwards, Daniel Achutti (UniLasalle, Brazil) lectured on ‘Mass incarceration, alternatives and restorative justice: Critical analysis on the Brazilian case‘. In his presentation, Dr Achutti examined the evolution of both the Brazilian criminal justice system as a whole and the Brazilian system of restorative justice. Moreover, he analysed if -and how- restorative justice may contribute to restrain the astounding rise of punitiveness which Brazil has witnessed over the recent period.









Raffaella Pallamolla

Finally, the session came to an end with a lecture given by Raffaella Pallamolla (UniRitter, Brazil) on ‘Democracy and the Brazilian criminal justice system: Restorative justice contributions‘. The Brazilian lecturer reflected thereby on how the theories of democracy can improve the practices of restorative justice, especially in countries such as Brazil, characterised by individualism and social isolation.