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Lectures given within the course on EU criminal law and penal policies

Tuesday, April 28th, 2015

[ENG] The ECRIM research group has organised a set of lectures within the framework of the course on “EU criminal law and penal policies“, which pertains to the Ms degree on EU Law (University of A Coruna).


Nancy Wonders

First, on April 23rd Nancy Wonders (Northern Arizona University, USA) gave a lecture entitled ‘Global Inequalities, New Frontiers of Harm, and the Borders of (In)Justice‘. The US scholar reflected on the causes, effects and current contours of migration control policies by comparing the cases of Spain and Arizona. The lecture was also sponsored by the research group on Sociology of Migrations (ESOMI), and it was included as a closing session to the course on ‘Migration control policies’ (Ms degree on International Migrations).


Pedro Caeiro

Second, on April 24th Pedro Caeiro (University of Coimbra, Portugal), lectured on the processes of approximation and harmonisation of criminal law in the EU. By focusing on this subject, Professor Caeiro examined the evolution of EU penal policies and devices and analysed the current and future challenges and dilemmas of EU criminal law.


María Ángeles Catalina

Third, on April 27th the Law School of the University of A Coruna hosted María Ángeles Catalina (University of Santiago de Compostela, Spain), who lectured on EU anti-terrorism legal regulations. The Spanish lecturer also analysed some key tools used by the EU for the purposes of fighting terrorism, such as the PNR Sharing Agreement between the EU and the US.