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Hate speech and social media: Lecture given by Prof Antonella Pasculli

Friday, April 5th, 2019

IMG_20190403_121300_528Antonella Pasculli

[ENG] From April 1 to April 4, Antonella Pasculli, professor of criminal law and criminology of the Aldo Moro University of Bari, Italy, visited the University of A Coruna’s Law School. During her visit, prof Pasculli gave a lecture on ‘Hate speech and social media‘, in which she analysed the many obstacles faced by law enforcement agencies to curb hate speech in the social media sphere, as well as the shortcomings and contradictions of these punitives practices from a legal perspective.

20190403105450_IMG_1644_1Antonella Pasculli

Prof Chiara Perini’s lectures

Monday, May 1st, 2017

IMG_0209Chiara Perini

[ENG] On April, 24-28, Prof Chiara Perini, Associate Professor of criminal law at the University of the Insubria (Italy), visited the Law School of the University of A Coruna. During her visit, which was sponsored by the research group ECRIM, Prof Perini gave a number of lectures on corporate criminal law at our Law School. More precisely, she lectured on ‘Corporate crime against safety at work: the Italian model‘, ‘Corporate crime against the environment: the implementation of Directive 2008/99/EC in Italy‘, and ‘Corporate crime: the Italian system according to D.Lgs. 231/2001‘. Chiara Perini thereby reflected on the current strengths and shortcommings of the legal regulation of corporate crime in Italy, by comparatively examining the EU legal framework as regards to this kind of criminal offences.

IMG_0210Chiara Perini


Prof Emanuele La Rosa’s lectures

Sunday, March 19th, 2017

17265174_593962347460995_8501790406609474967_nEmanuele La Rosa


[ENG] From March, 12 to March, 16 Prof Dr Emanuele La Rosa visited the Law School of the University of A Coruna. Prof La Rosa is a Senior Lecturer of criminal law at the Mediterranean University of Reggio Calabria (Italy). During his visit, which was sponsored by the ECRIM research group, Prof La Rosa gave a number of talks and lectures, focusing on prison overcrowding in Italy, the increasing enforcement of non-custodial penalties and the penal treatment of mentally impaired offenders.


17352433_593962304127666_3409646018904532455_nEmanuele La Rosa