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A Coruna meeting of the RePers project’s consortium

Monday, March 25th, 2019

IMG_20190315_112627_925From left to right, Stefano Montaldo, Alessandro Rossanò, Alexandru Damian, Eleonora Guidi

[ENG] The consortium that carries out the EU-funded research action RePers (Mutual Trust and Social rehabilitation into Practice;, i.e. the University of Turin (Italy), the Italian justice and human rights NGO Amapola, the Italian Ministry of Justice, the Romanian think-tank Centre for European Policies and University of A Coruna’s ECRIM, held a coordination meeting in A Coruna on Friday, March 15. This meeting followed a mutual learning activity on EU cooperation in penal matters tools, which was organised by the consortium and gathered in Madrid some two dozens of Italian, Romanian and Spanish high criminal justice officials. This meeting organised the coming activities of the research action, with a view to the subsequent project, Trust and Action (Trust and Social Rehabilitation in Action;

IMG_20190315_112554_443From left to right: Patricia Faraldo, Ana Neira, Cristina Fernández-Bessa