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Economy and Criminal Law in Europe: Milano International Conference

Wednesday, January 28th, 2015


From left to right: Nicola Selvaggi, Carlo Enrico Paliero, Gabrio Forti, Patricia Faraldo, Norberto de la Mata

[ENG] On 29-30 May 2014 the University of Milano (Italy) hosted a Spanish-Italian Conference on Business Criminal Law, entitled ‘Economy and Criminal Law in Europe: A Comparison between Italian and Spanish legal practices’. The International Conference was jointly organised by Dr. Luz María Puente Aba (ECRIM, University of A Coruna) and Dr. Francesco Viganó (University of Milano, Italy). The Conference encompassed three panel sessions, focusing on key issues of Business Criminal Law: corruption, corporate and stock market criminal law, and the criminal liability of corporations. The panel sessions were integrated by Spanish and Italian lecturers, who examined both the legal and judicial trends which characterise the current situation of some critical domains of Business Criminal Law, and the increasing subjection of national jurisdictions to International legal rules in this realm. The Conferece sought to highlight the main problems faced by the criminal justice system as regards the prevention and punishment of those economic crimes, and to analyse ways to overcoming these problems.

The papers presented within the Conference were subsequently published by the Italian on-line journal “Diritto penale contemporaneo” (No. 3-4, 2014).


Luz María Puente Aba