The ECRIM research group has just published the book “Criminalización racista de los migrantes en Europa”, edited by the Spanish publisher Comares. The book, directed by Salvatore Palidda (PhD, University of Genoa, Italy) and José Ángel Brandariz (PhD), and coordinated by Agustina Iglesias (PhD) and José Antonio Ramos (PhD), gathers some twenty articles on criminalization of migrants issues written by well-known scholars from the US and several European countries (Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Switzerland). The publication is the outcome of two international workshops on this subject, the first one held at the University of Genoa (Italy) on march 2008, and the second one organized by the ECRIM and held at the University of A Coruña on may 2009. The core part of the book has been already published in Italian in 2009, by Agenzia X, and it will be also published in the forthcoming months in English (by Ashgate) and in French (by L’Harmattan).

Palidda,S./Brandariz García,J.A.(dirs.)/Iglesias Skulj,A./Ramos Vázquez,J.A.(coords.), Criminalización racista de los migrantes en Europa, Comares, Granada, 2010, 392 pages [ISBN 978-84-9836-752-2]

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